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I have been enjoying your other pieces like this quite a bit, so I find it interesting that you would ask for a critique on this one. This one in particular, while beautiful and visually captivating, I don't believe is as strong a piece as the others. The concept and follow through seem to be the same, BUT this one seems more muddied in color, and you tend to lose the foreground in the dark ground and trees. The background is almost too light, giving the picture a very bottom heavy and flat feeling as though there is nothing beyond the trees. I've seen your other work and your exceptional uses of balance, color and depth, so there isn't anything to really learn from, just to move back toward. With every bit we push away from the norm, the more we need to rely on our bases to make sure that even in the extreme, the message is passed on to the viewer. As an animator and cartoonist, I have to rely on the same principles(although perhaps in a slightly different way), making sure that no matter how far I push something its still recognizable as human, or a tree, a background or a vehicle. Even when going full blown experimental, there is always that base we can touch back on to make sure what we are doing translates, and your base is very very strong and it showed in the earlier pieces like this. Just float back a little bit and adapt what you did early to whatever your next evolution will be. I have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy these pieces and I hope this was helpful in some small way.

Take care,
Tyler Richlen
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